Body Parts Edit

(5-10 minutes) Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes Song Edit

(5-10 minutes) Touch game Edit

When the teacher says "Touch your... (head, eyes, toes, etc.), students follow directions and touch the appropriate part of their body.

(5-15 minutes) Hokey Pokey Song Edit

(20+ minutes) Big Face Game (Fukuwarai) Edit

Prepare four sets of large face parts, including eyes, ears, mouth, nose. The sillier the better. Laminate them for reuse and add small magnets so each piece sticks to a chalkboard.

Divide class into groups by rows (usually three or four rows). Draw a corresponding number (3 or 4) of large ovals on the chalkboard, and draw on hair. Have students come up to the board, one pair from each row at a time. The teacher tells those students a part of the face, and they must stick that part onto the face drawn onto the board. When finished the next pair comes up to the board, and sticks on the next face part specified by the teacher. See what silly faces students can create!

*Level up: one student in each pair is blindfolded. The student with their eyes open guides their partner while choosing the face part and sticking it on the board.

*Level up: Teach students left, right, down, and up. The student with their eyes open uses these hints to get their partner to place the face part more accurately. [Alternatively, students in the row that are not at the board can shout out these directions, but this is much rowdier and less helpful.]