What do you like?

(15-20 min.) Lucky Card Game

(version 1)

Students get in (lunch) groups of 4-5. Distribute the cards equally among students. Some students may start with more cards than others. Choose one student to start (by janken, group leader, person sitting closest to the window, etc). This student shows their cards to the person next to them and asks "What color do you like?" The person being shown the cards responds with "blue." The student showing the cards asks once more, "What shape do you like?" Person answering: "star." Then the first student gives the appropriate card to the student who asked. This second student then turns to the next student in the circle, and the process repeats. This goes on for two rounds or for a determined about of time. Then students stop and look up front, and the teacher announces which card is the 'lucky card'. The student currently possessing that card is the winner of that round.

variation: put students in pairs instead of groups

variation: "What do you like?" "The blue star."