What do you want?

(~15 min.) Card Collecting Game

Give each student 5 alphabet cards. Students stand up, walk around, and play janken with classmates in pairs. The loser of janken asks, "What do you want?" The winner says, "The T card please." (Or whatever letter they are trying to collect). If the loser has that card, they give it to the winner. If the winner receives a card, they give a card they don't need back to the loser. If the loser doesn't have that card, they say, "Sorry" and move on. Continue until student(s) have collected an entire set of 5 matching cards.

Variation: Change the number of cards to fit the amount of time and the number of students. Having to collect 4 of the same card will take less time than having to collect 5. Adjust the number of sets of cards in play so that most cards are in play rather than sitting up front- for example, with the alphabet cards, 37 students, and 4 cards per student, you need (37x4= 148 cards to play), and (26cards per set x 6sets = 156 cards, meaning that only 8 cards are out of play and unavailable to collect.